Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wild Animal (a cartoon concept)

I just love Ren and Stimpy, and ever since I was little I knew cartoons, maybye even a comic artist was the right path for me. (along with the fact that alot of people tell me I'm excellent at drawing and writing).
So, ever since I started watching Ren and Stimpy, 2 ideas came popping into my head for 15 minute episodes.
Those two episodes were called "Wild Animal" and "Ninja School".
Here is about a 2 to 3 page storyboard sequence, I can't seem to fill out some of the areas.
this is what is "Wild Animal" (atleast the first 2 to 3 minutes anyway, I'll try to write a script) (I'll try to storyboard some of Ninja School and write it up to put on here later).

This is a possible title card, It was cut off a bit on the right, Ren is holding a fly swatter, and his left hand is holding a book (not seen on the image). Stimpy is a tiger.
First sequence of events:
Stimpy is drooling and making sounds (eediot)
Ren slaps himself in the face in disgust, lowering his hand his features flop up after the force of his hand is released from his face. (explaining the horrible grimace in the last square)

Second sequence (4th panel drawing screw-up and more dialouge)
Ren critiscizes Stimpy's behavior ("You are an eediot!")
Stimpy ponders the words..
Stimpy: Aha!
He tells Ren he knows what they should do.
Between clenched teeth he asks what, ("Do....Tell!")
Stimpy's shadow reaces up on a hill pointing at the air (with a sheriff's hat on)
Stimpy: We'll venture into the public woods! (to see the wildlife)
Sequence 3:
Ren reaches over to proud looking stimpy and slaps him
Pulling his arm back he says "That is the..."
He develops a huge head, "STUPIDEST IDEA EVER!!!" he says, spitting all over Stimpy.
Ren's spit covers Stimpy, he leans over and drips the spit into a jar.
I'll try to storyboard some more over the next few days or weeks or so. School is almost out so I'll have more time to focus on it then.


  1. I think the $100,000 Animation Drawing Course posts on John K.'s blog would be very useful for someone like you. Just my two cents. Have you taken a look at it yet?

  2. @Roberto, Yes I have but am confused on where to get started...? @__@;;

  3. Start with Lesson 1 (and also take a look at this page) and do everything that John and Preston Blair tell you to do. Trust me on this. Once you get good at drawing the characters on that page and getting everything to look as accurate as you can, work your way up with the lessons and do the same thing until the principles start sinking in your mind, and you start to see the difference between good drawing and a collection of mistakes. Try not to skip around to other lessons. You won't learn as fast that way.

    Basically. If you do what they tell you, you're gonna get really good fast. You definitely have talent from what I've already seen on these pages, which is why I'm telling you this, but having knowledge of basic construction can aid you with a lot of things, and not just cartooning or storyboarding either. Quoting from Jim Smith: "The theories on construction apply to just about any drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. endeavor."

    I would recommend buying a few Col-erase pencils to construct your practice drawings with, so that way, we can see the construction. If you can't afford a photo editing program like Photoshop to check your drawings, just get tracing paper or a cheaper alternative like Corel Paint Shop Pro. That usually works really well. Also a soft pencil, like in the 2B or 4B range if you'd like.

    Once you get really good at drawing with construction, you can pretty much draw in almost any style you want, including Ren and Stimpy, SpongeBob, etc. I hope this helps, friend, and good luck with the lessons!

  4. Since you're practicing storyboarding, I thought you would love this. Sherm Cohen goes over a lot of the basics of storyboarding a cartoon.

  5. I'm on vacation at the moment but will try to do the lessons when I get back home.
    Thanks for the links and advice :)